Kodak is dead. And the Kodak moment is next.

Last week I went to hear a Heavy Chef in Woodmead. It got me thinking about a few things you should be thinking about…

A snapshot of Don Packetts Heavy Chef Talk.

A snapshot of Don Packetts Heavy Chef Talk.

It was great to be back as I regrettably missed the last two Heavy Chef events held by Worldwide Creative.

Don Packett from 21Tanks was the speaker. I first met Don through a friend, Richard (who happens to be his business partner,) at the Xbox Kinect launch where he was the MC a couple of years back. Since that day I’ve been fascinated by his business approach and their unique offering: perspective.

Perspective, you ask? Yes, that’s pretty much what they sell at 21 Tanks. And it was also the common thread that ran through Don’s talk in which he urged people to “Slow down” and “Do it quickly.”

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Movie review: Prometheus


Scott’s massive, scary, sci-fi thriller looks great. Almost great enough to distract you from all the gaping holes… (Warning: SPOILERS.)

Charlize Theron in Prometheus

“But, Ridley, that doesn’t make any… wait. Never mind. ‘Run straight,” was it? Mmmkay…”

There’s been huge hype for ages and an even huger marketing campaign. Some serious social-media focus where the PR content has been concerned (good job, guys!) and a cast with more heavyweights than an American talk-show audience. Ridley Scott back at the helm of a suspense-rich sci-fi/horror…. What more could you aks for?

Well, teeth for starters. Prometheus is beautiful, we cannot deny. And, it’s wonderfully crafted, by crew and cast alike. But that doesn’t change the fact that the film raises more “WTF” questions than it can afford to ask. And no amount of bluffing’s gonna convince us that Scott et al actually have a clue what’s going on, either…

Click here to find out why Prometheus has some fairly serious problems with it. and why you should go see it anyway…

Five really really big things

Bigger is always better; just ask any American. For additional proof, here’s a massive dog, burger, wave, pair of sandals (with matching human feet) and bottle of liquor…

...that you probably didn't know. But should.

Big is good. Unless you’re talking about a cellphone, asteroid or financial crisis, of course. But, when it comes to food, achievements and the size of certain body parts (like, feet, for harmless example) bigger is generally much better. And never more so than when someone is handing you a large container of delicious, alcohol-enriched liquid.

So, because we’ve received some awesome news that quite seriously affects what (and indeed how) we’ll be consuming drinks-wise from now on – and because we’ve got some awesome stuff to give away (which is probably our all-time favorite things to do) we decided to dig around and celebrate the big things. Ones that are totally amazing.

Discover 5 really really big things. Go

Book your Oppikoppi ticket… Right. Flippin'. Now.

This year is going to be massive. Yes, we know, every year is massive. But this one’s going to sell out. And soon. Here’s why…

Oppikoppi banner 02

Oppikoppi 18: tickets are available. But not for very long, we don't rate.

It’s no secret that we’re obsessive/compulsive Oppikoppi fans here at the Dojo. Nor that they can do no wrong in our eyes. We’ve even published a guide to surviving the thing last year. Check it out. You’ll need it.

You see, Oppi is head-and-shoulders the greatest party in all the Land. One of the greatest in any land, actually. Which is why, for the last few years, it’s sold out before the gates even open, leaving very, very sad people ranting angrily at gatvol student-staff at the entrance points. This year is even bigger than ever. And it’s going to sell out very, very fast. Here’s why:

Click here to find out why Oppi is gonna be even more amazing than ever this year, and why you should get your tickets yesterday…

An Anchorman sequel! By Odin's Raven!

We love Anchorman here at the Dojo. In much the same way as a man loves the smell of rich mahogany and leather-bound books. At last! A sequel is confirmed!

Anchorman News Team

News Team... Assemble!

It’s the greatest and best movie of all time. And if you don’t agree one-hundred percent with that absolutely true, indisputable statement of pure science, then we will fight you. And that’s no lie. Anchorman, friends: The greatest and best movie of all time.

Trouble is, Anchorman was so amazing, so far ahead of its time (about 30 years ahead, actually) and just so gosh-darned good looking, that the stars of the film became totally massive after it hit, and the studio couldn’t afford a sequel. But righteousness will always prevail. And a sequel was recently announced.

All they need to do now is cure cancer and put a stop to the music of Coldplay, and all will be right with the world.

Click here to read what (little) we know about the impending sequel, how it came to be, and to watch the video of Ron Burgundy announcing it on Conan O’Brien…

Help Mojo win R10k for charity. For free yo!

Attention! Our boy Dale’s competing in a budget challenge. If he wins, he gets R10,000 for the Starfish Foundation (an awesome charity)!!! It’s your time to shine by showing your support…

Starfish: Potentially R10k richer with a Tweet or Like from you

Potentially R10k richer with a Tweet or Like from you, friends.

We’re officially calling on all Mojo readers to vote Dale to the top so he can give the R10,000 prize to the good people at The Starfish Foundation. It’s really easy to help, friends. And we wouldn’t ask unless we really needed it!

Here’s what we need you to do, today. Monday. Right now.

Help on Facebook

  1. Visit the Moneysmart SA Facebook page
  2. Click on the “Budget Challenge” tab, then “Contestants,”
  3. and press Dale Imerman’s “LIKE” button. Easy.

Help on Twitter

This is really easy. Just press the button below and submit the tweet:

Alternatively you can manually copy and paste this line into a tweet:

Help @idale get R10k for @starfishcharity in @MONEYchirps #BudgetChallenge http://t.co/1qjXGjY

Click here, only if you’ve shown your support above, to read the famous Starfish story. It’s beautiful, really…

The new F12berlinetta: the fastest Ferrari ever built

It’s no secret that we love cars. So when the most legendary sports car manufacturer announces their latest top of the range model, we tend to get excited. You should too.

The Ferrari F12berlinetta

Meet the newest Ferrari: The F12berlinetta

There’s something to be said about a car that travels faster than 340km/h. There’s more to be said about a car that rockets from 0-100km/h in 3.1 seconds flat. But when a car does both, and does it looking better than the mechanical equivalent of the world most gorgeous women blended together into an eye-gasm of a cocktail, we raise our eyebrows and casually utter “wow.” Meanwhile, inside we’re actually thinking “Holy fuck!”

Click here to read the release and see more photos of the new Ferrari F12berlinetta…

Ramfest Joburg is gonna rule. Hard. Who wants tickets?

We’re hardened festival-goers over here. And we’re so amped for Ramfest this year, we’ve decided to take one of our beloved readers (and their partner) along with us. Who’s keen?

Ramfest banner

Ramfest Joburg, March 10th: Expect serious mayhem.

Metal. Rock. Hard electro… Throw in some oxygen, water and a large helping of booze, and you have everything we at the Dojo need to survive the perils of modern life.

This year’s Ramfest line-up is the sickest thing since birds learnt how to get flu. Seriously… In Flames, Infekted Mushroom, Netsky and AWOLNATION have all been imported from the four corners of the globe (erm, not

that a globe can have corners, or anything.)

If that’s not ridiculous enough, our favourite local acts, including Pestroy, The

Narrow and Fokofpolisiekar are spearheading the massive array of South African Armed Forces that will be unleashed across five cities over five glorious Days of Thunder!

The Joburg show hits Riversands Farm on March 10. And we’re there with bells on! We figured you should totally join us. So, friends, who wants to ride with the Dojo?

Click here to find out how to win a double-ticket to the Joburg Ramfest show on March 10th, and read more about the insane line-up…

Ten fabulous names to ensure your son grows up gay!

Expecting a boy-child soon? Congrats! Now, make certain your bundle grows up gay and fabulous with one of our ten tried-and-trusted, never-fail gay names!

gay baby

Before anyone throws a hissy, let’s make this clear: we have nothing against gay men, lesbians, androgynous rockstar types, or even those bizarre straight folk you run into from time to time.

In fact, we’re so fond of gay dudes (especially our gay readers – Scientifically proven to be the most fabulous of all gay men anywhere) that we’d quite like to see more of them.

That’s why we’ve identified this list of ten ultra-gay first-names that will 100% ensure gayness by the time your boy-child is able to sing along to show tunes…

Click here to read the gayest list in the history of all gay lists! Then, start painting that nursery pink!

When physical and digital worlds collide

There’s one thing we love more than awesome technology: the kind of technology that adds value to our everyday lives. That’s why we think you have to know about the new NIKE+ FuelBand. Behold…

NIKE+ FuelBand

Measuring Movement to Make Life A Sport

This week the American shoe-maker announced their NIKE+ FuelBand, a wristband that doesn’t claim to help blood circulation, improve balance or make you stronger. It simply tracks and measures your everyday movement to motivate and inspire you to be more active. If you’ve read Gords Fitness pieces, you’ll know that we’re passionate about being (reasonably) healthy

here at the Dojo – one reason why we’re excited about how we can now measure our physical activity using a new metric called “NikeFuel.”

Click here to discover how you earn NikeFuel by being more active…

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