mojoCrush: The illegally hot Yolandi Malherbe

She claims to be an average girl with big… dreams. But we at the Dojo think Yolandi Malherbe is an extraordinary woman with big… plans for the future.

Yolandi Malherbe

The next big things

Many will know her by the alter-ego name, “Juicy Jemma”. She’s a blogger, model and music video star who seems to be going places very quickly. In the span of a year she’s been featured in a YDE campaign, Parlotones music video (we totally forgive her) and is on track to appear in both Playboy and Sports Illustrated very soon…

Yolandi’s Juicy Photo Shoot

How important is cash when you’re looking for a guy. Be honest…

Honestly? Oh boy! How am I going to put this without sounding like a gold-digger, which I’m not? Ok, it is important because any girl loves to be wined and dined, taken on shopping trips, whisked off on romantic weekends and just be spoilt rotten. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe I’m just the only honest one around. So yes, it is important for a guy to have money, be independent and ambitious.

Model Yolandi Malherbe

Yolandi Malherbe, a small quantity of stretchy fabric, and some necklaces... awesome.

What is it about clearly damaged, troublesome dudes that means they always have such hot girls around them?

I don’t know! I’m not one of those girls, but I know girls who always ‘take in birds with a broken wing’. Maybe they feel they can nurture them or play a ‘mother’ role. If that makes them happy, then why not? Just don’t expect to get any nurturing from me.

Yolandi Malherbe

We have no words. Seriously. None. At all. Sorry for the lack of a caption here, folks. Our bad...

What was the most bizarre thing (feature, action, magic trick etc) that ever caused you to become attracted to a guy?

Nothing comes to mind straight away, but I’m usually attracted to powerful men, such as rich guys and celebs. And, I might add, I usually only find out about their status afterwards. So I’m naturally attracted to these type of guys. Am I even making sense?

Yolandi Malherbe AKA Juicy Jemma

Yolandi, AKA Juicy Jemma, fondling her glorious... assets

Yes. We appreciate the honesty, actually. Who’s hotter: soccer players or rugby players?

Rugby Players for sure! I like me some beef! Have you not seen Morne Steyn’s legs? Peter Grant’s ass? Schalk Burgers arms? Mmmm….

I like me some beef!

Strangely, we’ve never noticed. Have you ever properly punched someone in the face?

Yes, my boyfriend, but I had a good reason! Ha, ha, ha!

Beautiful Yolandi Malherbe

Never have we so envied a string of random beads. Ever.

What was the biggest waste of money you ever committed?

I’m not a big spender, but I love spending on fashion. So that’s never a waste of money, but other than that… nothing I regret. Honestly.

If you could marry any dude right now, who would it be?

Gerard Butler. For sure!

Sexy Yolandi Malherbe

Sexy Yolandi, getting all wet

What’s your view on “Friends With Benefits”?

If you’re single and don’t want the complications of a relationship, yet enjoy the perks, then why not? But obviously it’s totally unacceptable when you’re in a relationship. Just be careful not to get too attached to a ‘friend with benefits’ because you’ll complicate things and get hurt.

You have incredible boobs. Please don’t punch us, but are they real?

Oh come on, who has natural, perky D cups? Of course they’re fake! Mother Nature only blessed me with B cups and that wasn’t good enough. Ha, ha, ha! I’m all for plastic surgery, just don’t overdo it!

Yolandi Malherbe Wallpaper

Download: Click this image to get a FREE high-resolution desktop wallpaper!

We’re average-looking at best. How, hypothetically, could we come right with a girl that looks like you?

I’m your average girl too, seriously! My dreams and goals are not so average, but I’m pretty normal and down to earth. Besides, I think we’ll party great together! I love people who are fun and impulsive, such as myself, and I usually click instantly with everyone!

Be sure to check out Juicy Jemma’s blog over here. When you’re done, follow her on Twitter. And lastly, go vote for her in the Sports Illustrated Search.

The scorching hot photos you see in front of you were taken by Naco Rautenbach Design Photography. Like ‘em? Then Like the man’s Facebook Page. Yolandi’s makeup was crafted by the brilliant Michelle Dickman – best you follow her on Twitter and see more of her work here.
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10 Responses to “mojoCrush: The illegally hot Yolandi Malherbe”

  1. Tallieta March 23, 2011 at 09:17 #

    Thats me friend Go girls make us proud :)

  2. Billy Bid4Me Auction Services March 23, 2011 at 10:38 #

    Gorgeous… Love your work Yolandi

  3. AMG133 March 23, 2011 at 10:53 #

    Yolandi tearing it up in the Dojo with her hotness! “Firm” fans favourite here.

  4. gingerpubes March 23, 2011 at 11:23 #

    “Never have we so envied a string of random beads. Ever.”

    I take it we don’t watch the same movies.

  5. Lou March 23, 2011 at 11:32 #

    Crisis Moj! Not sure that was entirely necessary, especially not on a school day…

  6. Editor March 23, 2011 at 12:54 #

    We apologise for the lack of productivity this may have caused. For the record, Mojo’s Gord and Dale unanimously agree that, although we’ve been friends for 12 years, we would happily cage-fight to the death for the chance to experience the 11 seconds we’d need with this lovely woman.

    It actually makes it worse that she’s a total sweetheart. ‘Cos you can’t even resent her for being so flippin’ hot.

  7. Yolandi Malherbe March 23, 2011 at 13:19 #

    Thanks for the wonderful feedback everyone! hahahah some of your comments are hilarious!!
    Dale and Gord, 11 seconds? You think that’s all? Gosh, well, challenge accepted!
    Thanks for the wonderful interview and for calling me ‘sweet’. I do have a bad bitchy side, but you’ll never get on it :)

  8. Naco Rautenbach March 25, 2011 at 13:14 #

    All these comments are so deserved by this awesome model!
    Thanks to Yolandi for a great shoot! Looking forward to Sunday’s.
    Thank you also to Mojo for the exposure and I’m sure both Mojo and particularly Yolandi will be entertaining the men (and women) of SA for some time to come:)

    ROCK ON…


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