The raddest X-Men superpowers… ever!

We’re geeking out extremely hard over the coming X-Men: First Class flick. And, during our extensive geek research, we’ve been reviewing some of our favourite characters and powers. So, we figured we’d list what we think are the best of ‘em…


Superpowers: You can't live with 'em. You can't live without 'em

Hopefully by now you’ve seen our list of killer real-life superpowers that would make life more awesome from last week. And, thanks to our ticket give-away to see a special pre-release screening of the flick this Thursday, we’ve had the list extensively re-awesomed by you guys, our heroic, mutant readers. Thanks for that.

But, the actual X-Men have got bad-ass powers locked, even if a lot of them hate their lives because of their abilities. There are literally thousands of superpowers in the X-Men Universe. Some of them pretty basic, like flight (which we’ll admit, would totally rock, but it’s hardly unique) and superhuman strength. And some can properly ruin your social life (like Hank McCoy, aka “Beast”, who’s all blue and hairy.) But there are some totally awesome ideas out there. Many of which, we’d surely use for evil…

The Raddest Superpowers in the X-Men Universe


Examples: Blink, Kitty Pryde

Technically, phasing and teleportation are not the same. But they are kind of similar, and both would rock, so we’re listing them as one. Teleportation is fairly self-explanatory; you just imagine yourself somewhere, and bam! You’re there.

Some X-Men (and X-Women) like Blink can even open portals for others to travel through as well.

Which would make group holidays totally awesome. In Blink’s case, she can teleport herself and others pretty much anywhere. In one case, even the moon. We’d settle for just saving on petrol, never being late for anything or sitting in traffic ever again, though…

X-Men Blink

"Let me open this here portal and we'll be in Hawaii in no time at all, big guy"

Phasing, however, is different. Mutants like Kitty Pryde can actually move through objects by changing her molecular structure and passing through an obstacle on an atomic level. In Kitty’s case, though, she’s limited by how long she can hold her breath. If she gets stuck inside, say, a wall, she could actually suffocate. That said, though, it would make nightclubs – and banks – a lot more interesting!


Examples: Wolverine, Sabretooth, Deadpool



Wolverine’s been pretty saturated lately, having been a core character in the original X-Men Trilogy and X-Men Origins: Wolverine movies. But there’s a reason he’s such an iconic X-Man. Aside, that is, from his generally bad-ass vibe and awesome Adamantium claws. His ability to rapidly recover from almost any injury is totally sweet. In fact, it’s what enabled him to survive the Adamantium skeleton-coating in the first place. But consider this: everytime he extends his claws, they cut through his flesh, which heals as soon as soon as they’re retracted. Ouch.



Healing’s not unique to Wolverine though. It also makes for some pretty bad-ass villains. Sabretooth has a very similar power-set to Wolverine, and is, as a result, not to be messed with. Deadpool (who’s apparently getting his own movie soon too, and is rumored to be played by Ryan Reynolds) also has regenerative healing abilities. Which, combined with agonising cancer, has pretty much driven him insane. Swings and roundabouts, we suppose…

Reactive Adaptation (“Evolution”)

Example: Darwin (aka, Armando Muñoz)

The character of Darwin (played in X-Men: First Class by Twilight‘s Edi Gathegi) is one of the most complex, and raddest X-Men ever. We’re extremely amped to see how he’s portrayed in the film. Darwin’s power – Reactive Adaptation – means that his body will adapt, instantaneously, to his immediate environment. If he’s underwater, he might sprout gills. If he’s on fire, his skin will harden to protect him. And if he’s on a porn set, his “weaponry” will expand.



Of course, there’s a downside. Like many mutants, he grew up ostracised and miserable. Shunned by his mother for being a freak, and cast out by society (kinda like a ginger). And, he couldn’t even kill himself. If he jumps off a building, his body will turn his bones to rubber to protect him. Unlucky! But, as X-Men lore has it, once he teams up with Professor X and realises that power can be awesome, he becomes an extremely bad-ass hero guy. We’re amped to see it come to life when the flick opens on Friday!


Example: Magneto (aka Erik Lehnsherr/Magnus)

There’s a reason that Magneto is one of the most revered and celebrated villains in all of comic-book history. Firstly, because he’s conflicted and has many times revealed a deep-seated good side. We’re really amped for X-Men: First Class because it will tell the story of how he and Xavier came to be enemies after starting out as allies. The second reason he’s so awesome is because his power is properly, ludicrously bad-ass.

The dude can control the entire electro-magnetic spectrum. Not even Metallica have such complete mastery of metal!

Imagine being able to control all forms of metal. Even the iron in a person’s bloodstream! And tanks? Ja, whatever. Just pick the sucker up – using your mind – and lob it at the F-16s flying overhead. Easy. Oh, and the fun we could have with the douches at the gym…

Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender: The new... err, old... uhh, Magneto.

We thought Sir Ian McKellan rocked as Magneto in the first X-Men Trilogy. We’re very keen to see if Michael Fassbender is suitably sinister in X-Men: First Class.


Example: Mystique (aka Raven Darkhölme)


Mystique: Played by Rebecca Romijn-Stamos

This one is a winner. Despite being all blue and mingy in her ordinary form, Mystique can look however she wants to. And, based on the fact that she was played by Rebecca Romijn-Stamos in the first X-Men Trilogy, and now her younger self in X-Men: First Class is being portrayed by the belter-riffic Jennifer Lawrence, she generally wants to look like a hottie of note. We’d settle for being able to pretend to be Ryan Reynolds next time we’re at Caprice on Almost-naked Model Night. Or the thrill of turning into Julius Malema and saying something vaguely coherent in public, thus ruining years of hard work on his part…


Examples: Charles “Professor X” Xavier/Jean Grey

Getting inside someone’s mind would rule. Especially if you’re at the bank, although we suspect that might be a bit like hanging out in an empty room. For dating purposes, it’d be lethal. Like Mel Gibson in What Women Want. Only, we’d set our sights a bit higher than Helen Hunt. We’re getting sidetracked, though…

Charles "professor X" Xavier

Charles "Professor X" Xavier: Reality versus the comic character

Professor X is arguably the most powerful telepath in X-Men lore. (With the possible exception of Jean Grey/Phoenix, although she was ultimately overwhelmed by the awesome scope of her power.)

Xavier’s awesome mental strength even kind of makes up for his being bound to a wheelchair. Another reason we’re so keen to see X-Men: First Class is to find out how that injury happens.

And how closely the filmmakers adhere to the original comic-book backstories…

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