Ramfest Joburg is gonna rule. Hard. Who wants tickets?

We’re hardened festival-goers over here. And we’re so amped for Ramfest this year, we’ve decided to take one of our beloved readers (and their partner) along with us. Who’s keen?

Ramfest banner

Ramfest Joburg, March 10th: Expect serious mayhem.

Metal. Rock. Hard electro… Throw in some oxygen, water and a large helping of booze, and you have everything we at the Dojo need to survive the perils of modern life.

This year’s Ramfest line-up is the sickest thing since birds learnt how to get flu. Seriously… In Flames, Infekted Mushroom, Netsky and AWOLNATION have all been imported from the four corners of the globe (erm, not

that a globe can have corners, or anything.)

If that’s not ridiculous enough, our favourite local acts, including Pestroy, The

Narrow and Fokofpolisiekar are spearheading the massive array of South African Armed Forces that will be unleashed across five cities over five glorious Days of Thunder!

The Joburg show hits Riversands Farm on March 10. And we’re there with bells on! We figured you should totally join us. So, friends, who wants to ride with the Dojo?

A Day of Thunder

In Flames

In Flames: Heavy. Melodic. Swedish. Awesome.

It’s gonna be insane. Like, licking-the-side-of-the-ice-cream-van insane! And we’re properly excited. We’re long-time fans of Sweden’s mighty, melodic, metal monolith, In Flames. We caught them live back in 2006, and we can confirm that they flippin’ own live.

And they’re stoked to be coming! Their vocalist, Anders Friden commented…

“We are really looking forward to touring South Africa. There are many countries that we have visited many times over, but this will be a completely new experience for us. Get ready to hear some delicious metal brewed and matured in Sweden; we hope to see many of you!”


Netsky: Bringing the drum. And the bass.

For the more dance-orientated, though, there’s drum n’ bass champion, Netsky (Belguim) and his faithful emcee, Darrison, from the UK. Supported by a lethal array of Joburg’s finest drum and dub DJs – including RudeOne, Tasha Baxter, Ambush, NiskerOne, Deeziak, Benson and CutKeyLow – this is gonna be an immense bassline assualt. Flippin’ immense!

Plus, there’s also Israel’s Infekted Mushroom. A hybrid Rock/Psychodelic-trance outfit that rock harder than a poorly maintained quarry during an earthquake!

As for the local line-up, we were sold at “Pestroy.” Our favourite band – locally or otherwise – on a massive stage, with a massive backline of sound, packing new tunes and a point to prove… That alone would be worth the price of admission (set at R350, presuming you don’t win this little competition we’re running) in our estimation.


Pestroy: our favourite band in SA. Actually, our favourite band anywhere.

But no! That’s not nearly all. Our heroes Fokofpolisiekar and The Narrow are on the bill too, along with championship acts such as Chromium, Shadowclub and Newtown Knife Gang.

We mean no exaggeration when we say that, if we were to put on our own, massive local and international one-day music and culture festival, it’d look very, very similar to Ramfest 2012.

Of course, the show (with slightly amended line-ups) will also be rolling through Cape Town, Durban, Bloem and PE. But, we represented the Zero-One-One over here.

You can find out details about the other provinces’ shows, ticket-booking, camping and the line-ups by visiting Ramfest’s official site. Check it out.

So, about these free tickets, then?

Ramfest flier

Ramfest: five days, five cities, five shows

Yep. We’re long-time homies of the people behind the scene over at Ramfest. So when we first heard about this, we immediately begged and pleaded for some tickets to the thing. And, being champions, they hooked us up.

Greedy bastards that we are, we then told them that our readers are the greatest collective of humans on Earth, and asked if we could get a couple extra tickets for y’all too. We expected them to tell us to stick it. But they’re champions. And they gave us two spare passes for the Joburg show. How rad are they? Admit!

So, what do you have to do?

Give us all your personal details, your banking log-in vibes, and a sample of your hair for DNA analysis…

Oh wait, no. That’s how other sites and brands try and bribe you. But not us. We have an airtight Organic Spam Policy, and a fundamental “Don’t Be a Doos” guideline behind competitions like these. Never mind…

Just visit the official Mojodojo Facebook Page and drop a comment on the link to this specific story, telling us why you need a free double-ticket for the show. We’ll decide whose story tugs our heartstrings the hardest, and let the winner know within a week. Easy.

And/Or, you can hop onto twitter, and tell us your sad tale of ticket-want from there. Just remember to tag @mojodojo and @Ramfest at the end of your tweet, or it’ll be cute… but wrong!

Good luck. And, win, lose or draw, we hope to see you in the pit. Unless it’s Pestroy’s pit. In which case, may Science Almighty have mercy on the souls of anyone unfortunate enough to cross our path. Check out the video below for a little taste of pain to come…

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  1. Boyden Barnardo February 24, 2012 at 07:33 #

    Hey there it would make my year if i get to see In flames live in S.A. I’m on a mission this year to do as much as possible because in less than a year i am the big 30 (not that im gonna stop rocking out). so lets say there is a bucket list happening and iv been ticking things off left right and center. For example 2 years ago i lost 45kg and have kept it off and still going strong. So going to Ram fest with my new (shell i just mention incredibly hot tattooed) girlfriend would be totally AWESOME!

    So please i need them tickets.

    Thank you

  2. john de sousa February 27, 2012 at 10:56 #

    First post hence I deserve a ticket plus did I forget to mention how much purified distilled win mojodojo is.

  3. john de sousa February 27, 2012 at 11:05 #

    Ps: I hope in flames does this to the audience

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