An Anchorman sequel! By Odin's Raven!

We love Anchorman here at the Dojo. In much the same way as a man loves the smell of rich mahogany and leather-bound books. At last! A sequel is confirmed!

Anchorman News Team

News Team... Assemble!

It’s the greatest and best movie of all time. And if you don’t agree one-hundred percent with that absolutely true, indisputable statement of pure science, then we will fight you. And that’s no lie. Anchorman, friends: The greatest and best movie of all time.

Trouble is, Anchorman was so amazing, so far ahead of its time (about 30 years ahead, actually) and just so gosh-darned good looking, that the stars of the film became totally massive after it hit, and the studio couldn’t afford a sequel. But righteousness will always prevail. And a sequel was recently announced.

All they need to do now is cure cancer and put a stop to the music of Coldplay, and all will be right with the world.

Bringing handsome back

Anchorman is made of purest, most amazing victory. It is the greatest movie ever. And that’s just Science!

The only trouble with Anchorman, in fact, is that it was so amazing – so utterly handsome, well groomed and talented at broadcasting – that all the members of its cast became massive leading men very shortly after buy clomid without a prescription its release.

And, despite all of the Channel Four News Team being dead keen to reunite for a sequel, their agents would not budge on their fees (which had skyrocketed since the first film released in 2004.) A deadlock was reached with the studio, and the idea for a sequel officially scrapped.

News Team outdoor

The Channel Four News Team: broadcasting to the stars...

In fact, it was with tremendous sadness that we read Adam McCay’s (co-writer of Anchorman, and long-time collaborator of Will Ferrell’s) announcement about a year ago that years of trying and failing to come to an agreement had officially been abandoned and that there would never be a sequel. This despite the film’s cult-following, and massive profitability on DVD and via TV syndication (relative to it’s average-but-not-bad box-office haul of about $85 million.)

Look at like this: The original Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy was made for $26 million. In total. And, it made a little over triple that at the US box-office, another $5 million or so overseas, and then raked in huge cash on the rental, DVD/Blu-Ray and TV syndication circuits.

Ron Burgundy

Whose handsomeness is worth $20 million? Why, yours of course, Ron Burgundy...

Today, Will Ferrell asks $20 million per flick. Anchorman co-stars Paul Rudd (“Brian Fantana”) and Steve Carell (“Brick Tamland”) ask for more than $12 million each, and David Koeschner (“Champ Kind”) doesn’t come for free, either. Never mind the supporting cast, which included

Christina Applegate, Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson.

The studio wouldn’t go above $35 million, refusing to take into account the off-box-office profitability of the movie. The stars all offered to accept massively reduced rates, but their agents/managers/suits/etc would not go low enough. A compromise could not be reached. And everyone decided, “Screw it.”

And then, just when we’d stopped crying ourselves to sleep every night after eating 5 litres of ice cream a day, this happened…

Details about the plot of Anchorman Dos are sketchy at this stage, but the film is set to (hopefully) release in 2014. To celebrate, join us in a chorus of Afternoon Delight. Or we will fight you. And that’s no lie…

Oh, and one last thing: If you’re a massive Anchorman fan, and cannot possibly wait until 2014 for more Anchorman goodness, see if you can find the very rare Wake Up Ron Burgundy: The Lost Anchorman Movie. It’s very hard to find, but hilarious.

It’s literally an entire film, made up of outtakes, abandoned plot-lines and deleted scenes from the original movie. And it includes a sequence where Champ Kind comes out of the closet and confesses his gay love for Ron. It’s the funniest scene in movie history. We imagine that only reason it didn’t make it into the flick is because Paul Rudd can’t stop pissing himself. And nor can Steve Carrel. Watch, and try not to die…

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