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This year is going to be massive. Yes, we know, every year is massive. But this one’s going to sell out. And soon. Here’s why…

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Oppikoppi 18: tickets are available. But not for very long, we don't rate.

It’s no secret that we’re obsessive/compulsive Oppikoppi fans here at the Dojo. Nor that they can do no wrong in our eyes. We’ve even published a guide to surviving the thing last year. Check it out. You’ll need it.

You see, Oppi is head-and-shoulders the greatest party in all the Land. One of the greatest in any land, actually. Which is why, for the last few years, it’s sold out before the gates even open, leaving very, very sad people ranting angrily at gatvol student-staff at the entrance points. This year is even bigger than ever. And it’s going to sell out very, very fast. Here’s why:

Why Oppikoppi 18 is definitely going to sell out very soon:

Oppi bullet for my valentine

Welsh mettalers Bullet For My Valentine will be one of the headline acts this year

August 9, 10 and 11 will see the eighteenth installment of the beloved and revered Oppikoppi Festival in Northam, Limpopo. We’ve been to about 15 Oppikoppis between us at the Dojo, and probably about another five or six Easter Fests as well. So we have some experience with the thing. Which is why we’re telling you, if you want to come along this year, sort your tickets out. Right now. Why? Here’s why…

There are more tickets on sale than ever

Sounds like a contradiction, we know, but think about: The entire facility has been expanded for this year’s event and the ones that will follow. It’s reached capacity so many times in recent years that Mordor itself has been expanded.

“Oppikoppi sold out at the last few years which was good and bad,” reads their official press release. “We are confident of increasing the capacity somewhat (probably 18 000 to 20 000), to avoid those ugly scenes of grown-ups lying on their arms crying in front of our main entrance.”

Oppi Mordor

Mordor: More of it.

So, that means there’ll be plenty of tickets to spare, right? Wrong. They’re trying to meet demand, not increase it. Never has there been this much buzz around an Oppikoppi, so far ahead of the event. And, with pax nearing 20 000, the thing has proper, international-scope gravitas about it now. More tickets will sell in less time. Mark our words.

There are more stages than ever

To our knowledge, there are three main stages at Oppi, plus that awesome little one on top of the Koppi itself, and the one round the back where all the killer dance tunage goes down. This year, they’re planning seven. Seven! Which is at least two more than before, presuming they’re even counting the little upstairs one and the mountainous rave one (like we are) to begin with…

The confirmed headliners are radder than ever

We’d be chuffed enough with the usual array of local acts from every imaginable genre, especially seeing as Jack Parow has been confirmed, hot off the back of his awesome second album, Eksie Ou. But noooo! Oppi have some international heavyweights of note lined up.

First off, Welsh pop-metallers Bullet For My Valentine. A kind of Eighties-thrash-meets-handsome-boyband hybrid that, despite its unholy sounding formula, works surprisingly well. They cancelled a trip here once before. Let’s see if they make it up to us this time around.

Then, there’s the Eagles of Death Metal. Which is absolutely bloody terrific news. Sounding neither like death metal, nor like the Eagles, they’re kind of a retro rock outfit with a sense of humour. A passion-project collaboration between Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) and Jesse Hughes, EODM have a monstrous cult following. And they’re perfect for the vibe of Oppikoppi.

Also joining the international-guest lineup are French ten-man jazz/reggae/ska/punk ensemble, Babylon Circus. Apparently they’re quite a thing to behold live. We’re excited to see ‘em.

The rumored headline acts are as ridiculous as they always are

There’s always a slew of rumours around massive headline acts coming to jam at Koppi. Since proper, actually awesome bands have started coming here over the last decade or so (see the point above for examples,) it’s become impossible to rubbish all of them outright like you would have, say, ten years ago.

We’ve heard the following and believe it to be bollocks: Guns n’ Roses (thank goodness), Wu Tang Clan (would be nice), and even Pendulum (who are on hiatus presently and have actually been here a few times before.)

Similarly, we’ve heard the following and are really hoping it turns out to be fact: Rise Against (oh please, oh please, oh please) and Chevelle (but probably just because they cancelled the last one.) If either of these turn out to be true, we will soil ourselves with glee. We shall have to wait, hope and see.

Hop to it, then!

Tickets range from R700 to R750 (depending on where you get them from.) There was also a Standard Bank special going on where you could get ‘em for R600, but we’re not sure it’s still rocking. All the information can be found at Oppikoppi’s official Facebook, as well as updates regaridng line-up changes and new confirmed bands. We’ll see you at the Koppi, friends!

Heard any good rumours regarding this year’s Koppi? got any interesting survival-wisdom to share? Drop us a comment below and let us know…

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    Every year this time theres only ONE thing on my mind… Oppi-fokken-koppi! Got the ticket, got our retro van and now for the wait …

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