Five really really big things

Bigger is always better; just ask any American. For additional proof, here’s a massive dog, burger, wave, pair of sandals (with matching human feet) and bottle of liquor…

...that you probably didn't know. But should.

Big is good. Unless you’re talking about a cellphone, asteroid or financial crisis, of course. But, when it comes to food, achievements and the size of certain body parts (like, feet, for harmless example) bigger is generally much better. And never more so than when someone is handing you a large container of delicious, alcohol-enriched liquid.

So, because we’ve received some awesome news that quite seriously affects what (and indeed how) we’ll be consuming drinks-wise from now on – and because we’ve got some awesome stuff to give away (which is probably our all-time favorite things to do) we decided to dig around and celebrate the big things. Ones that are totally amazing.

1. World’s biggest dog

“The parents are real big,” the woman told Dave, once he got through and told her he was interested in buying one of her Great Danes. “Oh, Dave,” his wife cooed. She continued “Look at that one! That one’s sooo cute! Let’s see if she can send us a bigger picture.” The woman sent back a bunch of pics and confirmed the one they wanted was the one she lovingly called “the cute runt.”

Either the dude's really, really far away, or that is a properly massive hound.

They named him (the not-very-menacing) George. Months went by after the new pup joined the family and one thing became blatantly clear: this Great Dane was in no shape or form a runt of any kind. In fact it went on to become the largest dog on earth! George weighs almost 18 stone (about 114kg), is a bit of a naff, and you can read more about how massive he is right here.

2. World’s biggest burger

South Africans are no strangers to eating. Just look at the holy braai – it’s practically our national passtime. We even have some renowned establishments, like Saul’s Saloon in Cape Town and Duke’s in Greenside (who also have a particularly cool website), who push the boundaries when it comes to burger size. But forget Saul, Duke and their sissy burgers…

"On second thought, I'll skip the fries, thanks..."

Juicy’s LLC, at the Alameda County Fair in California, set the record for the most ginormous burger ever made. Weighing in at 350kg (the weight of a small cow,) the burger featured 13kg of lettuce, 9kg of onions, and 5.5kg of pickles, all wrapped together inside a 50kg bun. Think about that for a second.

Essentially, they removed the head, hooves, horns and hair, and wrapped the rest in a massive bun. When the bun weighs more than most Victoria’s Secret models… expect Americans to be totally into it!

3. World’s biggest wave surfed

Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara unofficially toppled the world record for biggest wave ever surfed by cruising down a monster curl off the coast of Nazaré in Portugal. Photographs and video footage suggest that the wave was about 90 feet tall.

...when Playstation 3 stops being fun.

It’s totally impossible to paddle into a wave that massive. Instead, a Jet Ski towed McNamara in. From there, he demonstrated an impressive amount of skill and balance on a wave that could easily crush a man on a small plank of foam and fiberglass. Respect!

4. World’s biggest feet

If we exclude any obscurities such as cases of elephantiasis, then the biggest feet currently known are those of Brahim Takioullah from Morocco. He was born in 1982, his left foot measures 38.1cm and his right foot measures in just shorter at 37.5cm. That’s massive! And, erm, just ever so slightly less massive.

"Hey dude, how big are your feet?" "Erm, about a foot, I guess..."

Brahim also happens to be the 2nd tallest man in the world after a guy named Sultan Kösen. He was measured by Dr Philippe Chanson on 24 May in 2011. You know what they say about men with big feet, right? Ja, they wear really big shoes.

5. World’s biggest Savanna

Well, by the time this article hits the interwebs, there will be literally thousands of them, making their ways to bars, clubs, braais and dinners all over our glorious Land. But there’s never been a 500ml bottle before and we figure that’s worth celebrating! Magical, lemoney goodness that we love, now in a bigger, more convenient bottle. Our only question? What took you guys so long!

Big brother has arrived.

Just so you know, the word “savannah” (or “savanna” depending on whom you ask) refers to natural areas of grassland with trees situated far enough apart that the canopy does not significantly break the stream of sunlight and create a dark, shady floor. They’re typically wet and tropical/subtropical in climate. The world’s biggest savannah is the Australian Tropical Savannah. It stretches more than 2000km across the continent, and accounts for more than a quarter of the world’s remaining tropical savannah.

We reckon that’s lovely for Australians, and all. But we’re happy to have our own, magical Savanna, now in 500ml bottles. And, to celebrate, we’re giving a whole pile of them away…

Win with mojodojo

In celebration of some really really big things, we’ve got a splendid competition just for you.

The prize

We’ve got 5 hampers to give away. Each one consist of the following goodies:

  • a 12 pack of the new Savanna 500ml
  • a mind numbingly large number cruncher
  • an outrageously flashy flash drive
  • an outlandishly oversized bottle opener
  • a colossal personal cooler bag
  • a ludicrously large lighter

How to enter

Just tweet the line below and you’re in the draw!

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